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Overveiw of styles we can do. Please do get intouch on 07769664409 to discuss your design needs. 

Keep in mind these images are examples of designs we have done, but each one can be changed to your colour, theme and design choices.

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Banner balloon in rainbow pattern

Balloon banner in rainbow pattern. Item can be inflated and made ready just to hang when deliverd please ask for details or item is deliverd uninflated.

Style option 1- Balloon 3 helium latex bundle

Bundle of 3 latex balloons, this can be done as a floor or table display.

Style option 10 - Balloon Pillar (single)

Tall freestanding balloon pillars they last ages and can be a great impact, they can be done in lots of different colours and patterns and can be personalised or can incorporate a theme.

Style option 11 - Balloon number pillars (set)

Set of number pillar can be done in lots of diffrent colours and the top balloon can be a star, heart or a character balloon.

Style Option 12 - Table top themed display

This is a great addition for any table display, it stands about 2/3foot tall.

Style option 13 - attached number pillar

Single combo pillar this pillar is about 6 foot tall.

Style option 14 - Theme Balloon pillar

Character Pillar single stack can be done in any character of yout choice and in related colours.

Style option 15 - Themed/ Chacter Pillar

Character and Number combo pillar. Price start at £40.

Style option 16 - bubble tabletop design

Table top bubble balloon. Prices from £38.

Style option 19 - Baby Reveal

This is a large latex balloon that contains Pink/Blue confetti, for a POP reveal.

Style option 2 - foil & latex balloon bundle

Bundle of balloons with one foil 18" balloon and 2 latex 10" balloons. More balloon can be added for an additional cost.

Style option 20 - "Hot air" Balloon Design

"Hot Air balloon" design is a real fab balloon that stands about 3 foot tall and can be done in lots of diffrent colours and comes with a bespoke writing on the bubble.

Style option 21 - Backdrop Hoop display

Our hoop displays are a real show stopper they are 2m in diameter.

Style option 22 - Easel display

Easel display is both great for display but can also be very functional with your own message and colour scheme.

Style option 23 - Lightup number set

This number display is one of our most popular hires. They stand 4 foot tall and in white they are really striking.

Style option 24 - Sail board

Sail board is 6 foot tall comes with bespoke message. Lots of diffrent colour backround to choose from.

Style option 26 - full arch

We can do these as a round or a square arch, they also come in a organic or a semectrical style.

Style option 27 - Balloon wall Backdrop

Balloon wall this design is 2x2 meters and can be a great addition to any event.

Style option 28 - Backdrop with Balloons

This 2x2 meters Balloon with curtains back drop.

Style option 29 - Shimmer Backdrop with Sequin pannles

This 2x2 meter backdrop is currently just on trend with diffrent colour options.

Style option 3 - Balloon foil bundle

This is a foil balloon bundle of 4, we can do stars, hearts or round shapes.

Style option 30 - Fabric Backdrop

This backdrop can be done in lots of diffrent colours and drop styles we can add fairylights to add a twinkle. It makes a great backdrop for photos and can be combined with our other product like balloons or lightup numbers to make it extra spechial.

Style option 4 - Foil Orbz balloon

Orbz sphere 18" size balloon.

Style option 5 - Foil number balloon

Number foil balloon, we can do our numbers in Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Blue, Pink and Rainbow. Other colours can be ordered in.

Style option 6 - Bubble balloon

Bubble balloon, this is a large clear balloon thar can be filled with balloons, glitter, confettior feathers. These balloons can last up to 3/4days.

Style option 7 - foil balloon- Large

This large 36 inch size can be done in a stat shape, heart shaped or a round shape. It can be personalised ( cost included in the price). This balloon being foil should last 5 days+.

Style option 8 - Large latex balloon

Large 25 inch Latex balloon can be done in lots of different colours and can be persopersonalised.

Style option 9 - Freestanding Balloon columns

6 Foot tall freestanding pillar we can do in lots of colours and design. We can personalised the main balloon.

Style options 18 - Tabletop number display

Tablestop number design

Style options 25 - Arch organic Garland

This 4m long organic garland can be places around a door frame or around a backdrop to make a great display. Prices start from £100.00